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Booking a Reservation:

Question: How do I make a reservation for a car with Miami Net Limos?

We offer two simple ways to book a ride.
Phone: (786) 505-7757 / 786-333-6492

Question: Where does Miami Net Limos provide services?

You can reserve transportation with Miami Net Limos anywhere in South Florida. You may book your transfer in advance on-line or with our reservations agents.

Question: What are the different types of vehicles that you offer?

We offer different vehicles types to suit your needs. To learn more about the different type of vehicles please visit our Fleet page.

Question: How many passengers and pieces of luggage can be accommodated in each vehicle type?

Each vehicle has a capacity for a different number of passengers and pieces of luggage. You will find details on our passenger and luggage limit per vehicle by visiting our Fleet page.

If you exceed the maximum passenger or luggage capacity of each vehicle you will be required to upgrade the vehicle type or book an additional vehicle. The driver has the right to refuse providing the service if the number of passengers and/or bags exceeds the limits of the vehicle. By exceeding the limits you will incur in additional charges so we recommend that you book the vehicle that will best suit your needs.

Question: What information do we collect when making a reservation and how is the information used?

The information you provide us is confidential and used only for the purpose of providing you the requested service. Your information will never be shared with a third party.

During the reservation process we obtain the passenger’s name, pick-up and drop-off locations, type of vehicle requested, credit card information, email address, and mobile telephone number. We will send you a booking confirmation and the final receipt to the e-mail address that you provide us with. We also request the passenger’s mobile telephone number in order to send important SMS alerts on the day of their service. You are permitted to opt-out of providing us with an email address and mobile number, however, please keep in mind that doing so could result in a number of transfer problems like not being able to review an error in a reservation or being unable to locate the chauffeur at pick-up. It is strongly recommended that all passengers provide us with a valid email address and mobile telephone number.

Question: What is our cancellation policy?

We understand that your plans may change thus we have designed a flexible cancellation policy that helps you and also supports our chauffeurs:

Individuals or groups of 10 passengers or less:

Changes or cancellation are allowed up to 24 hours prior to service. If cancellation occurs inside of 24 hours a 50% penalty fee will be assessed.

No shows will be charged full service price.

Groups of 11 passengers or more:

Cancellation is allowed up to 72 hours prior to service. If cancellation occurs inside of 24 hours a 50% penalty fee will be assessed.

No shows will be charged full service price.

After You Make Your Reservation:

Question: How will I know my vehicle has arrived for pick-up and how can I contact the chauffeur?

If you have provided us with your mobile telephone number, you will receive an SMS alert to let you know your chauffeur is on the way to the pick-up appointment, and you will receive another SMS alert once the chauffeur has arrived at the pickup location.

If you need to contact your chauffeur we will list the best number in the SMS alert. You may also call us to 786-505-7757 or 786-556-4544.

Question: Does Miami Net Limos offer services to corporations?

Absolutely! We can work with your corporation to customize a travel program that best meets your needs and the needs of your travelers. To inquire about opening a corporate account, visit Our Corporate Page or contact us at 786-505-7757 or 786-333-6492.


Question: Are there additional or hidden fees?

Miami Net Limos will not charge you any hidden fees. When booking you will be able to see the estimated total cost of the service upfront, which includes all charges with the exception of wait time, stops, parking or tolls, which cannot be calculated until the ride is complete.

Question: Is gratuity included or should I tip the driver when I exit?

A standard 20% gratuity has already been included in your final bill. Additional gratuity can be added at your discretion.

Question: What other fees might I see on my final bill, which were excluded from the ride confirmation?

Fees incurred during the ride cannot be estimated beforehand, so you’ll see them only on your final bill. Any wait time, additional stops you request and tolls will be reflected on your final bill.

Learn more on our policies for wait time, stops and tolls.


Question: How are rates for jobs by the hour calculated?

Rates for jobs by the hour are calculated based on the pickup location, route taken, and drop off location for the ride using a zone fare pricing model. During booking, Miami Net Limos will provide you a rate that is based on the ride staying within the pickup zone. Should you go to a different zone during your ride by the hour, the rate of the ride will be adjusted to reflect the actual ride taken.

Question: What happens if I am running late or my flight is late - will my chauffeur wait for me?

Yes, but please be aware that after the wait time grace period expires you will be charged waiting time. With an airport pick-up, if you’ve provided us with your flight information we will track your flight, in an effort to help you avoid waiting time fees.

Our industry leading grace periods are: 45 minutes for a domestic flight, 30 minutes for cruise terminal pick-up, 75 minutes for an international flight pick-up and 10 minutes for anywhere else. After the grace period expires you will be charged wait time. Wait Time is $1/minute.

We will try to reach you several times before completely canceling your ride. Once your grace period has ended we will wait an additional 60 minutes, reach out to you once more and then we will cancel the ride. You will then be responsible for the base fare, wait time fees and processing fees.


Question: Does the driver accept credit cards or cash?

Our drivers accept cash and credit card payments. However, a valid credit card to guarantee your booking is required during the reservation process whether you book online or by phone.

Question: When will my credit card be charged?

Upon confirmation of your reservation, we will authorize your card for the estimated cost of your ride. This is not a “true” charge and usually shows up in the pending charges section of your credit card statement.

Once your ride is completed, the credit or debit card you provided will be charged for the actual costs incurred for the ride. A final invoice will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours of your completed ride.

Question: Will I get a receipt of my ride?

You will receive a receipt via email 24-48 hours after your trip has been completed. If you do not receive a receipt please contact us.

Airport Pick-Ups:

Question: What if my flight is early or delayed?

We ask for your flight information when booking your ride. This information allows us to track your flight – so early or late – when your flight arrives your chauffeur will be there.

Question: How will I find my chauffeur? Do you provide meet & greet service?

We offer curb-side pick-up as standard service or meet & greet service for an additional fee.

If you’ve requested domestic meet & greet service your chauffeur will meet you at baggage claim. If you’ve requested international meet & greet service your chauffeur will meet you outside of international arrivals once you have passed through customs and immigration.

If you’re meeting your chauffeur for curb-side pick-up, please call the driver when you’ve collected your luggage, using the number you received via SMS to arrange the pick-up location.

About The Vehicle:

Question: I have a small child, do I need to bring my own car seat?

You can reserve a child seat during the booking process, for an additional fee.

In order to ensure the safety of the child and proper installation of the car seat, the driver may ask for assistance when installing the car seat.

Question: Do I need to put my child in a car seat?

For the safety of the children and to comply with the laws of the State of Florida children need to utilize car seats or booster seats when appropriate. When making a reservation you may request a car seat or booster seat as required.

Question: Can I smoke inside a Miami Net Limos vehicle?

For health and safety reasons, we do not allow smoking in any Miami Net Limos vehicle.

Question: Is luggage allowed inside the vehicle?

All large luggage must fit in the luggage storage of the vehicle. If handheld luggage fits inside the vehicle, then it is permitted.


Question: Does Miami Net Limos offer discounts on rides?

Miami Net Limos offers promotional discounts on rides periodically through our web site and through social media campaigns. Please note that only one promotion will be accepted per reservation at a time and the code must be entered at checkout in order for the discount to be applied to the reservation. For corporate accounts tiered discounts will be provided based on volume.